CHEM-ECOL - Reclaim, Recycle, Purify Industrial Oil

Reclaim, recycle and
purify your industrial oil

  • It's money in the bank: You can save money purifying the oil you already own.
  • Cut budgets: Management has to trim budgets. The purification of “waste oil” can generate big savings.
  • Help the environment: Save money and help the environment. Surprisingly, in today's environmentally-conscious world, few companies are purifying, instead choosing to dispose of their used oils.

  Shattering the myths about “waste oil” treatment
myth REALITY Solution
What's good for the environment always costs more, and doesn't immediately improve our productivity Decrease costs increase productivity with mobile purification: CHEM-ECOL's proprietary mobile purification process offers SAVINGS and lowers risk by:
  • One-third of crude oil is converted to industrial oils, so reusing your oil can reduce demand, reduce environmental impact and decrease costs while also increasing productivity

  • There's no downtime with mobile purification, and no interruption to productivity

  • By purifying your industrial lubricants, quench or cutting oils, you're protecting your original investment, decreasing your costs, reducing the demand for new oil and the impact on the environment
  • Eliminating costs of “waste oil” disposal.

  • Eliminating downtime. CHEM-ECOL's mobile purification process keeps your machinery running while we purify your oil and troubleshoot your machinery.

  • Saving up to 85% of your original investment in new oil by purifying your used oil.

  • Protecting your investment by recycling your used oil into good-as-new purified oil. There's no reason to lose 85% of your original investment.

  • Protecting the environment. On-site or on-road spills are a risk when transporting oil for disposal, and they come with environmental costs. Purifying your used oil also reduces the global demand and dependency on crude oil, a diminishing resource.

  • Introducing additives  –a process that makes purified oil as good as new.

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